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Attention. Interest. Desire. Action.

Passion for design is what Aida Design Company has built their foundation on. We dare to live fully, creatively, and innovatively.   At Aida Design, we see something that doesn’t exist yet, and that is what makes us effective.


Our process of engagement with our designs stem off our Company name, AIDA.

We want our material to grab and hold the Attention of the desired audience.

The material must gain Interest.

We strive to convince your customer’s that they want and Desire the product or service you are selling.

And lastly, we want your customer’s to take Action and turn your marketing efforts into profitable sales for your company.

We want to see a return on your investment with us and be profitable, that is our ultimate goal.

Aida Design Co. has two divisions in which it serves; Personal and Business.



We specialize in the management of organic and paid search engine optimization as well as social media marketing and management. We also produce websites and social media sites to ensure that your company has a strong internet presence.  Other areas of expertise include design/branding of Company Logo’s, Business Cards, Leave Behind’s, Flyers, Direct Mail Pieces and much more.


We put an emphasis on design for custom stationary, wedding invitations, baby announcements, birthday cards and so much more. Aida Design captures life moments, achievements, and new beginnings onto print to share and treasure.

There is nothing that Aida Design cannot do, so please inquire with us for your personal design needs. Have a favorite genre for a birthday? Or certain colors for a birth announcement? Aida Design Co. offers FREE preliminary design until you find the perfect look for your piece.

After all, great design is making something memorable and meaningful!


Thank you for visiting us, please click on the Contact Tab for any questions or inquires you may have!

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